Custom Built Telecasters and Stratocasters

6/18/2011 by Dave Schneider

I have been working recently on some new custom guitars for the NAMM show in Nashville coming up on July 21, 2011. Currently hanging in the drying booth are 3 guitar bodies and modified necks - 2 Telecaster shapes and 1 Stratocaster shape. All 3 have modified bodies for greater clearance at the 22nd fret. The bottom horn has been cut off for easier access to the higher frets. The new look is great - changing the whole look of the body of the guitar. I have re-shaped the headstocks with a more graceful design. The overall sleek new look is quite appealing.

The Telecasters will be outfitted with a Silver look, using stainless, non-magnetic parts, and very rare electronics. The Tele's will have the new custom designed Semour Zephyr pickups wound with silver wire. Both Telecasters will be dressed with custom Callaham parts. 1 will be an Esquire design with a standard single pickup. The other will have a humbucker in the neck position and the normal single coil at the bridge position. 

The all Mahogany Stratocaster will be outfitted with all gold-plated parts. It will have the custom Seymour Antiquity pickups and a beautiful Brazillian Rosewood fingerboard. The modified body with ultra-lite Mahagony wood will be pure sweetness. It's definitely a guitar that you have to hear to believe.

These designs were originally conceived between Dave Schneider of Schneider Guitars and Gordon Rankin, custom amplifier maker with Wavelength Audio.



Custom designed Schneider Esquire Gem



Custom designed Schneider Telecaster Gem



Custom designed Schneider Mahogany Stratocater 

Be sure to visit us at the NAMM show to check out these new custom built Schneider Guitars - always customized by Dave himself and new custom hand built guitar amplifiers from Wavelength Audio designed and assembled by Gordon Rankin.

NAMM is open to the public on Saturday July 23, 2011.

We'll see you there.

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