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New York Acoustic Guitar Repair

David has been doing extensive repair work on musical instruments for almost three decades, with vast experience in acoustic guitar repair and restoration. His talent in this field is held in high regard by many musicians and collectors. His experience ranges from complete restorations of vintage and rare guitars to the basic guitar setup.

Guitar Repair for World Renowned Musicians and Local New Yorkers

A challenging and successful restoration was that of Andre Segovia's Ramirez classical guitar that had been in an automobile accident. He has restored old Martins, Gibsons, and other vintage guitars of rare quality.

Guitar Repair Workshop

The Schneider Guitar workshop has two separate humidity zones consisting of a climate-controlled stringed instrument construction and repair area and a wood storage room. We receive every type of guitar repair and restoration imaginable.

Experienced Acoustic Guitar Repair, Restoration and Set-ups

We've worked on Ramirez, early Martins and Gibsons, and many other premier acoustic guitars. David's experience with guitar repair has given him insights into what does and does not work in guitar construction, and has helped him refine and perfect his own instruments.

Acoustic Guitar Repair by an Experienced New York Luthier
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"He's the best guitar technician I've ever come across. One of the acoustic guitars he built and allowed me to play was hands down the finest acoustic guitar I've ever played in my life."
~ Rob Fetters, Guitarist
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